The 2017 Oakley R1 options are here!

Every year we look forward to the next generation of newbies from Oakley – be that new colourways within existing models or brand spanking new models ready to tickle the visuals. This year we’ve really have been on the edge of our seat waiting to press the Go Go Go button on some of these Release 1 (R1) lines with you, there’s some belters for you all to enjoy and we really do mean, you all…



Youth Sun

First of all, their Youth Sun line-up in R1. For a whilst Oakley have pretty much dithered and toe-dipped in the Youth specific sunglass market. Many moons ago (no pun intended) they brought out a couple of styles aimed in this direction, but they were, well, a bit off the mark in our opinion. They seemed like they worked of course, but they kind of also didn’t really. As a result they pretty much stopped spending R&D money in that area, with the exception of the Quarter Jacket really. Of course there have always been some ‘smaller’ options created from existing models, but these have never been specifically aimed at youth, just smaller adult heads.

Now things have changed and they just got REALLY interesting! We’ll cover each of the Youth models more specifically in other Blogs. In the mean time look out for Turbine XS & Radar EV XS and some extra colours in Quarter Jacket.  You’ll find the Turbine XS range located here.


Sport Performance Sun

“Oakley performance eyewear represents uncompromising excellence in functionality, and world- class athletes rely on the Sport Performance segment to compete at their highest level”, the strap line that Oakley created for this sector of their sunglass business, the one that they are ultimately known for. Included in R1 is a new lens shape of ‘Stride’ in the EVZero range.



Active Performance Sun

The Active Performance segment is for those who seek versatile eyewear that combines daily wear styling with functional performance features for active lifestyles. BOY is there a great new model in this sector – you should seriously check out the Crossrange and Crossrange XL models here and you’ll discover a highly adaptable lifestyle sunglass that puts you in control of your own look. There’s also a great new women’s specific ultra lightweight model in R1 called Reverie too.


Performance Lifestyle Sun

Oakley’s PFS range of styles are inspired by athletes and for those who see everyday eyewear as an expression of personality without compromising on innovation. During R1 this is where you’ll find new collections of Frogskins being released, and a new lightweight metal framed option for the ever favourite Holbrook model called Holbrook Metal.  We LOVE this one, hop over to the site and find your colour combo here.




Prizm™ lens line-up gets some new additions with the launch of Prizm™ Tungsten Polarized & Prizm™ Black Polarized.   See the full range of Prizm lenses here: Oakley Prizm



Finally there’s a number of new collections in R1.  These include the Driftwood collection and Woodgrain collections. You’ll also find the Colorblock collection and a Sapphire Fade collection.


Prizm™ Sapphire Fade – a new Prizm™ option for Oakley


Bet you’re now just as excited as us now! Find out more about each of these areas in more detail in our other blogs or head to the main website to view the new ranges!