A snappy look at Lacoste

Lacoste has long been known as a sports brand, but what is the real story behind this powerhouse and just who was René Lacoste?


In the Roaring Twenties it wasn’t just the music that was swinging, tennis rackets were too.  One Frenchman, René Lacoste, was making headlines at all the major tennis championships throughout that decade.  With multiple victories at Wimbledon and the US Open alone, Lacoste ultimately become the World’s best in 1927.  It was very apparent to those around him that this man was much a team player in both his personal and professional career and he became one of Frances highly praised ‘Musketeers’ within the sport and was a regular member of the French Davis Cup team.

Lacoste was also renowned for being fair in life as well. Wherever he went he took his elegant style with him.

It was his style that was set to define him in his future career too. During a trip with the Davis Cup team to the USA in 1923, Lacoste spotted a very stylish, and very much en-vogue, crocodile skin based suitcase.  This item was highly admired by Lacoste and a bet between himself and his coach was created based upon the result of that particular years Davis Cup.

It also resulted in a new nickname for the tennis star – The Alligator.

A few years later the very first Lacoste logo was created and the renowned Crocodile was born.


Much praise was centered around the tennis career of Lacoste, the Roland Garros stadium in Paris was built in tribute partially to the great French tennis star and the rest of his Musketeer team mates. However it wasn’t until the early 1930’s that René Lacoste developed and launched his first clothing line after deciding to take off the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt.

The polo shirt was born.

Now very much a sporting necessity to any wardrobe.  Over the decades that followed, the Lacoste clothing brand developed and was know for its innovation with all garments, which always provided perfect freedom of movement – whatever your game.

With leather goods and perfume following in the years to come, we jump forward to the 1980’s and the launch of the Lacoste Sunglasses.

Today Lacoste offers a chic and visually stimulating offerings within the sporting lifestyle sector.    We love each and every single style currently available, whether its an understated or more reserved style or a more vibrant option that completely nails the essence of French Bon Vivant!

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Bonne journée et Vivre le Croc!