Oakley Sunglass ‘Collections’

Many of you will no doubt have noticed over the years mini product collections appearing within Oakley’s sunglass range.  So what are these all really about?  In this blog we delve in and look at the reasons behind them.  We then also look specifically at a few of our favourites…


What are the Collections?

Collections generally come about when Oakley work in collaboration with either a specific athlete, a group of athletes or an artist of some kind.  They work with a vision (no pun) in sight (again, no pun…) to either promote a specific cause, need or interest.  You may have seen stuff like the Breast Cancer collection, the Covert collection and the Ducati collection.  Each one has its own unique common theme and is spread over a number of different models.  This means you get plenty of model choice within each collection.  Something to suit your own style or face shape.

Our team has gone back and looked at some of our favourites.  Some of these are still live options and some have been retired.

Ducati Collection

Ducati, a legendary name in motor sports, famous for its heavy red branding.  The partnership between the 2 has always been strong. Both share a huge technology drive and need for innovation. Both hugely desirable and aspirational. As a result, this range was a very strong player in the collections market for Oakley.  Now officially stopped, it originally appeared in 2003 and over the years new options were added as others were discontinued.

Fingerprint Collection

So now we’re looking at the instantly visually more creative line up of the Fingerprints.  An artistic range based upon the scanned fingerprints of those in the design team! Brilliant.  The subtle point being that each of us are individuals and we have our own print on life.  Its a fun collection, some in typical Oakley neon colours that hark back to their heritage years. Sadly this collection seems to be out of production now too.   You’ll find our available Fingerprint options Here.


The ‘Wood’ Collection

The Driftwood and Woodgrain collections are some of the new options for Oakley.  Both options have an artistic look of wood about them whilst remaining smooth to touch. Our team loves this contemporary approach to this collection and reckon they’ll both be featuring for some time yet.   The Driftwood collection is aimed directly at the Frogskin model. A model thats rich in colour, collabs and collections.  It is Oakley’s ‘go-to’ model for having artistic fun with!  The Woodgrain collection has broader base to its models and each run with Prizm Polarized lens options.  This makes it a truly performance based lifestyle option for the market.


Colorblock Collection

Frogskins hitting another home-run here! The Colorblock collection from Oakley is found in the Frogskin model alone and offers a world of colour and dynamism. Its a small group offering clear fronted frames are the feature for all, with a brilliant contrasting ear stem.  The Colorblock just continues to make the Frogskin the fun retro classic sunglass that no-one wants to be without!   View them here Colorblock




To view our entire range of current Collections, head Here.