Oakley Sliver continues to evolve.

We always a love a frame design that develops over time. We totally LOVE a design that expands to create individual looks without compromising the original WINNER too!

Sliver™, the parent, has done just that – its given rise to 3 additional models that each deliver a unique change to the original whilst clearly remaining firmly in it’s family.

Let check out Sliver™ R first. Still crafted in Oakley’s own proprietary O-Matter frame material, it’s the ultra reliable comfortable all day long fit that you’d expect from this global sports brand. The design twist with this model is the slightly more rounded lens orbital silhouette it offers, and we all know that ROUND is so in right now. There’s a pretty funky keyhole nose bridge on the R too for an extra piece of design flare.


Moving on to the Sliver™ XL, we go up a size gear with this frame. Ideal for those wanting a slightly bigger frame, but don’t want to loose the visual dynamics of the original frame shape. The XL version also goes big on the lens thanks to the deeper coverage they provide. This offers you a GREATER downward field of vision. The Sliver™ XL also sits in the O-Matter frame material family.


Finally, lets look at the Sliver™ F. F stands for FOLDABLE! Now, we’ve all seen those clunky folding sunglasses at the petrol station, right? Well, let’s not go there! These frames are pumped full of cleverness that safeguard your style reputation and nail the whole reason behind a folding frame. The folding stems and piston spring loaded hinges work like a dream, so when you’re done with the sun it’s a durable function that enables you to stow them quickly. That chest pocket has never looked so sunglass ready. In addition to the look of the Sliver™ F comes a difference with the frame material. Oakley NanOmatter is an acetate-based material, but boy is this one LIGHT! They’ve shaved the weight and created a super lightweight frame. Light and clever!


All 3 new editions to the Sliver™ range use the same Three-Point Fit technology from Oakley, which ensures you guys get perfect optical alignment and a secure fit thanks to the way the frame only touches you at the nose bridge and the side of the head. With this great anatomical feature from the Big O, you can say a big fat no to pressure points often associated with sunglasses.

They also rock with Plutonite lenses, so you’ve got the purest form of polycarbonate out there for sunglass lenses. Plutonite provides you with inherent protection from all UV light and up to 400nm of the particularly harmful blue light we all know lurks. May seem nothing today, but your eyes will thank you tomorrow for protection like this.

Big choices with lens colours and frame colours mean you’re not stuck in a minimal selection to work with either.

So your choice in the Oakley Sliver™ lifestyle sunglass family is deep, clever and colourful.

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