Oakley Frogskins are a fan favourite

Arriving with the huge status of being Oakley’s very first dual lens sunglass, the Oakley Frogskin has been around since mid 1980’s.

Based on the iconic wayfarer shape, the Frogskin offers vintage styling that still pushes out a youthful outlook.  A shape and size that seems to fit so many it quickly became a staple of the range.

The Frogskin was actually discontinued in the 1990’s, much to the outrage of fans.  However, it thankfully returned and now 30+ years after it first hit the shelves the Frogskins place in the sunglass market is as big as it’s ever been and that’s down to its unmistakeable cool vibe that appeals to the sporty, the serious, and a blockbusting cast of celebrity wearers.


Crafted in a nylon based proprietary O-Matter material, the Oakley Frogskin is a stress resistant, durable and lightweight sunglass.  Bevelled non metal hinges continue keep the frame light and the hydrophobic coating ensures water beads and drops away from the Plutonite lens material, leaving your clear to see the world.   Boosting incredible UV protection that’s inherent in the Plutonite rather than a coating that’s added like many sport and fashion brands, it enables you to press on with life in the bright lane without compromise to your eye health.


Always known for its colourful ‘old school’ array of frame and lens colour combinations, the later Frogskin models certainly haven’t become subtle or conservative.  With limited edition collections, popping colours and collaborations adding authentic back stories they continue to have folk clambering after them worldwide.

It’s our prediction here at Igero that it won’t be any time soon when this model drops out of favour.