Introducing the Oakley Sapphire Fade Collection

The range of Oakley Collections got a little larger recently with the launch of the Sapphire Fade Collection, the Colorblock Collection, Woodgrain Collection and the Driftwood Collection.

In this blog we look specifically at just one of these collections…


Sapphire Fade Collection.

Firstly, seated at the heart of this collection is a visually creative frame colour way, starting with simple and understated black at the front aspect.  This develops through to a vibrant blue towards the end of the stems.  Hence the term ‘Sapphire Fade’.  There’s a sapphire blue icon set into the arm on some models. A blue feature panel to the arm sits on others, such as the Catalyst or Latch.  The overall effect is one of an understated classy front profile, but a rather fun & vibrant side profile. We just love the flash of blue you get with this effect, it’s almost mesmerising!

This striking frame colour combo is currently available in 6 different models – Silver XL, Trillbe X, Catalyst, Holbrook, Latch and Mainlink.

Prizm™ is a revolution in lens optics built on decades of R&D by Oakley in colour science research and the biological understanding of the eye. They now have the data and knowledge to providean unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colours precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.

You really WILL see the difference.


Want to see more? Igero customers can see the Sapphire Fade range and buy this product in our store here

We reckon that for enhancing detail for an optimized experience, the Sapphire Fade Collection with their Prizm™ lenses offer a different view both inwards and outwards. It’s an area you really need to investigate today!


In conclusion, here at Igero, we believe this collection to be a very stylish noteworthy addition to their line up.


There could well be a fight between us over the Holbrook!