Getting to Grips with the Oakley EVZero!

With some recent lens shape editions to the Oakley EVZero family, we thought it about time we looked into this sports performance sunglass and gave you the low down.


The EVZero is a frameless sports model that evolved from their Zero and Sub Zero range of the 90’s.  At the time of launch, Oakley believed this to be the lightest sports frame available on the market.  It’s pretty darn light, that’s for sure!  Like its older brother it’s a fixed lens style, which means you can’t interchange different lens options with this frame. However we don’t feel this is an issue at all, read on for just why!

Like some of the other Sports Performance sunnies Oakley offers, the frame – well, ear stems – are crafted out of their own lightweight O-Matter.  Their own durable stress resistant material.  You’ll also find their Unobtanium ear socks to help keep things securely in place as you pound the streets or pedals.   Hydrophobic coating on the outside of the lens ensure that sweat and water simply beads off.   Comfort factor – tick!

It goes without saying that the visual clarity with the plutonite lenses is freaking amazing.  With no frame to hinder you, there’s a really wide unobstructed field of vision, possibly the widest we’ve come across yet in a sunny.  With a 4 lens shapes to consider, there’s an option that will fit your face size and shape.  Or maybe your personal preference to coverage.  For example, the Pitch is perfect for our female colleague who has a bit of a pin head (don’t tell her we said that!) but the lens isn’t so small she feels she’s looking over the top of the lens as she rides.  Another Igero colleague visually suits the Path shape better but he prefers a deeper lens for greater coverage and so opts for the Range.

Oakley EVZero Pitch

So, why don’t we think its an issue you can’t interchange lenses on EVZero?

Simple, with the huge capability that the Prizm lens range offers you as the wearer, we can’t think of a honest reason why you’d want to stop your training session or, heaven forbid, race in order to swap over – however quick and simple it may be.


Let’s not forget Prizm technology was 15 years in development. With the information gained over that time Oakley have designed specific lenses to optimize light conditions typically found in certain environments.

For Road cycling (or running) you’ll find elements that really pop out at you, like road markings and metal covers.

In the Trail Prizm lens, you’ll find the switch from light to dark more easily dealt with and not missing the tree roots in either.  There’s Baseball specific versions, and Golf too.  So if you are truly in those sporting environments, the Prizm lens gives you all you really need.

You can read more about by heading to Oakley Prizm


In conclusion, with the various lens options within the EVZero family,  we truly think there’s one ready for you. Don’t get bogged down by feeling you NEED to have all the options.  The reality is often very different from the perception…