Oakley lens kit bag

‘How to’ – Clean and care for your sunglasses

So you’ve splashed out and treated yourself to a fantastic pair of sunglasses or you’ve been unbelievably lucky enough to be given a pair. What next? In all likelihood you’ll simply be wishing for the first opportunity to don them and make your mark on the world. We don’t blame you.

So after you’ve worn them what happens? Well, they could be slung across the car dashboard or stowing pocket ready for the next trip out, or for women history shows that for many they generally end up lurking in a handbag in amongst the house and car keys, eye-liners or next to an open topped felt-tip pen or half eaten gummy bear.

However, you really should be thinking about how best to look after this investment. First thing is to use the case it possibly came with, or at the very least the cloth bag it probably has. If you don’t have a case then find one. You really need one that’s big enough without it slopping about in the case when close. A snug fit means its less likely to move and get rubbed, but we said snug, not squeezed! OK, so a case can be a bit cumbersome in a handbag ladies, but really its a small price to pay.

So you’ve got them now well housed, what next? Well general things to consider to help prolong the life:

Ladies – Wearing them as an hairband will put stress on the arms and hinges. It also exposes both the frame and the lens to things like hairspray, sun cream, gels etc. All of which can take their toll on the materials used in sunglasses.

Keep them out of serious heat – OK they are used to protect your eyes from the sun, but please don’t leave them exposed to hours of heat, again the materials in some brands can soften which will lead to issues with lens fitting. Car dashboards can be one of the biggest culprits for this.

Place them on a surface carefully – Don’t put them down resting on their lenses.

Take them off with both hands – Try to remember to take them off with both hands to ensure even pressure on the frames at this point.

Clean them!…. see below

Cleaner Glasses = Clearer Vision

So, before you reach for the kitchen cupboard or the edge of your shirt, stop! Read on for the best way to tackle smudges, water stains, grease stains…

Most brands will supply their sunglasses with either a cloth bag or piece of cloth. This material is generally of a cotton nature, soft and free of lint and designed to be non abrasive. Many sunglass companies also produce a ‘Cleaning Kit’, seek it out and use it as per the guidelines.

Oakley lens cleaning kit

If you don’t have any of these then you can very easily clean them yourself, you just need warm water, a mild dish detergent (one without extra lotions in the ingredients) and a few minutes of your time:

Moisten the frame, arms and lenses with warm tap water.

Drop a tiny blob of detergent onto the frame & lenses and use your thumb and/or forefinger to gently rub.

Rinse with warm tap water.

Dry with a lint free cloth.

How NOT to look after them – the Wrong Techniques

Huff, Puff & Rub – OK so your saw your parents and your grandparents do this, but whilst loads of things they did are right, this definitely isn’t one of them. Lots of fabrics can cause mild abrasive actions and or rub away the anti-glare coatings you’ve got. You aren’t cleaning doing this – you are slowly destroying.

Window Cleaners – not the guy from the drinks advert, the actual product. Or any other similar cleaner that contains either Butoxyethonel (paint solvent) or Isoproponal, which will happily wear away at your lens finish quietly as you sleep. Steer clear – no pun intended, actually yes, if it is a way for you to remember…

So that’s it in a nutshell. Keep them in a case, don’t expose them to too much of life’s pressures or heat, use the lint free cloth to keep on top of smudges and a little bit of fairy magic in the kitchen will keep them sparkling too.

Oh… Other detergents are available too!! 😉