‘How to’ – Clean your ski goggle

Over the course of this winter season we’ve seen plenty of chatter on social media from people who had damaged their goggles.  Damaged them by cleaning them…

How can this be, we hear you say?!  (loud and clearly actually).


There’s A LOT of confusion out there with what seems to be right and wrong in this area.   We totally appreciate that you spend a fair chunk of change on your goggles, so it’s natural to want them to last.  Some brands offer very direct advice, some don’t.  Google it and you’ll probably end up with advice from ‘Joe-the-Snow’ and often that’s not ideal. So we’re going to do our best to guide you on this issue!

No lens material is immune from scratches, period.  Yep, we said that.  There’s a lot of R & D behind the manufacturing process that helps reduce the chances of scratching but most of it is still down to you.  How you treat them before, during and after use has a huge impact on them.

First things – storage.  Just about every decent brand out there offers some kind of storage bag for your goggles.  Use it!  Lots of brands sell goggle cases too, its worth investing in one.  It’s great affordable additional protection when they are packed and you are traveling.

When you’re on the slopes you’re bound to get snow on them at some stage.  Our first advise is to shake the snow off.  Do not be tempted to wipe your goggles though. You’ll be surprised at what microscopic stuff is on them, you are risking damage straight away with even the quickest of wipes with your gloves.  Add in the stuff that’s probably on your fingers and you’ve increased that risk to another level.   If you really feel your vision is compromised, then use that cleaning cloth supplied to gently dab/blot at the residue.

So, you’ve had a great days action on the slopes and you’re back in the lodge.  Don’t be tempted with the corner of your tee or a paper towel!  Just take your cleaning cloth and gently wipe the external aspect of the lens.   The interior part of the lens is a different matter.  For a lot of the brands, this is where their Anti-Fog coatings/treatments are applied, any wiping here can damage the coating.  So leave it alone, again unless both goggle and cloth are dry and you are simply dabbing.  Getting over zealous here will leave you without an Anti-fog coating – so however tempted you are, always best to let your goggles and kit dry first and then be gentle.

Some brands make a specific lens cleaning product.  It’s worth investing in these too and following their guidelines.

If you’ve paid a lot of money for a posh/flash sports car, it’s pretty unlikely you’d take it through your local car wash, right and then drying it with an oily rag?  It’s all relative really…

Finally, remember that storage bag we spoke about – use it!  Gently put them away, put them in their case and put them in a safe place ready for next season!