Choosing the best hoodie for you!

Spring is here, well we had that thing called the Equinox anyway, but the weather here in the UK is still, a little on the chilly/tempestuous side.  With clothing none of us know quite what to reach for each morning, but layering is always the best option.

As such, a hoodie should be the staple to every bloke’s wardrobe.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are strictly the domain of the gym goer or the skateboarding dude anymore. Worn well, the hoodie can really make a statement to your style and offers great practical options when the weather really hasn’t a clue what to offer you.

What to look out for?

Firstly – whats it made of?  Cotton seems to be the predominate material here, but be careful, cotton hoodies can often shrink.  Ask if it’s been pre-washed (sometimes known as pre-shrunk) and if it has then it should be true to size and your risk is much lower.  Just wash it right afterwards!  If its not pre-washed then sometimes the best action is to buy a size larger, it gives you shrink room 😉

The ‘Fit’.  Many brands offer either a regular fit or a slim fit style.  The regular ones tend to be a looser fit and work well in a very casual situation.  Going for a slimmer fitting style can be much smarter, more flattering and gives you layering options under jackets or gilets.

Marsupial/Kangaroo pockets.  These are great, snug hand warmers and key holders BUT be warned, if you have a bit of a belly then these pockets can really highlight it.  Try a variety and work with your body shape and the pocket placements for a flattering look.

Pullover or Full Zip.  We tend to find that the pullover hoodies are generally a better quality than the full zip ones, normally as the cotton content seems higher in these styles.  If you want the adaptability of a full zip hoodie, then always look for something with a high cotton content.

Body shapes & heights

Height and body shape can play a real part in the way a hoodie can look.

If you a tall guy, around 6’2″ and more, then it goes without saying to watch out for where the ribbed hem appears on your torso.  Cropped looks on a tall man – er, not so good! Generally the taller man can wear a more oversized hoodie a lot easier than everyone else.

Shorter guys, which the world seems to deem as under 5’8″ these days (?) or the more slightly built chaps shouldn’t really be opting for the perceived fashionable oversized hoodie styling.  It just makes you look 12 and accentuates the lack of height. No man really wants to look 12 do they, really?

Buff boys should probably go for a looser fitting option, no-one really likes that tight look – do they?  Just watch where they sit on you, the length still shouldn’t really create a false impression of your height.

Whatever your height and build, ideally you need a hoodie that doesn’t come too far below the belt line, with sleeve lengths that nicely meet the end of your wrists when your arms are loosely by your side and fit without bulk or bulging biceps straining through the material.


Well, this is often a total preference thing.  Grey still seems to be the firm favourite out there, its a highly adaptable colour and has a calming influence on a look.  A classic navy blue is a strong contender for versatility and style.  Black is always a popular choice, we know its visual slimming qualities and its ability to be worn with so much.  Big bold colours can make a statement but, often, you need the personality to pull this off.  Think about the rest of your wardrobe and how best you can mix and match your colour choice…. or choices!


So, that just about sums it up simply for you.  Take your time choosing. Follow these valuable rules and you’ll not go wrong.


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