Can you hack the PACE with Oakley’s real-time voice activated coaching?

The Oakley Radar Pace™ has landed, check it out!

For years now we’ve watched at the way Oakley pushes the boundaries with technology, whether it’s in frame materials, lens materials, clarity or optical clarity.

During that time, there have been moments when many have questioned their reasoning behind their choices. However, in each of those moments there’s been that sheer knowledge that they’ve pushed outwards again and caught the attention of the sporting world.

Global lifestyle names such Lil’ Jon put their names to products that sought to smash the previously known limitations of MP3 and Bluetooth products during the mid 2000s. In more recent years, their continued advancement created a snow goggle range that integrated GPS, Bluetooth and App technology that made a day on the slopes feel like something from a virtual reality game.



Today, they’ve utilised their skill and knowledge gained from these products and working alongside another global brand – Intel – they’ve crafted the first real-time voice-activated running & cycling coaching system, operating within their sports performance Radar sunglass.

The Oakley Radar Pace™ delivers training direct to your ear that keeps you abreast with your plan and guides you throughout your performance. Running via their own Oakley Radar Pace app, which is available on both iOS & Android, it’s a great bit of intuitive engineering that’s super simple to navigate through.

Combining their learning and accomplishments via those earlier Thump MP3 players and the Razrwire phone sunglasses, the Radar Pace offers instant information. The need to stop your session to discover just how far you’ve gone or how many calories you’ve burnt ends here.



In a manner close to the iOS Siri system, just ask and you’ll verbally get a response.  If the Radar Pace thinks you aren’t working effectively enough, it’ll tell you and guide you to up your game.  The Bluetooth aspect enables the wearer to answer phone calls (so long as you’ve got your phone with you) which gives a multitasking option for those where the phrase “On-the-go” really does describe all they do.

Some might find this a bit too gadgety, others will find this verbal interaction reassuring and gives them the drive to keep on their individual plan.  It’s clever enough to understand when you’ve skipped a day in your training schedule, so it adjusts accordingly.

Oakley has long mastered the art of turning a theory into realisation thanks to their ingenuity,  we believe the Radar Pace is just the start of the next generation of advancements.