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Are more expensive ski goggles worth the extra cost?

So we’ve had a little look into what you should be looking for when choosing a goggle, but by now you’ll be wondering why ski goggles can demand the prices they do?

Well, its true that in many ways you “Get what you pay for”, but unfortunately you’ll also have to beware of the brands creating products to retail purely off their name and not for anything else it would appear.

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So how do you tell the difference between a Brand star and a wannabee??

Well go back through to our article of ‘How to pick the best Ski Goggle’ and use it. Then delve deeper in the the technical attributes of the Brand you are checking out. Sometimes the money invested by these brands is in an area that you don’t automatically see…(pardon the pun) For example one of the biggest areas of concern is Optical Clarity. The phrase is banded around regularly in the optical world or market, but what does it really mean and how does this affect you?

Lenses created poorly will create blur for the wearer which only gets worse with distance. In order to correct this blur your eyes have to make constant adjustments of their own, which causes fatigue. Its a bit like wearing a corrective lens when theres nothing to actually correct! Eventually damage is done and a real prescription is required. At the periphery, bad lenses will bend the light cause additional distortion. Sometimes the imbalance is one sided so further stress and strain occur as the brain works harder to adjust and bring the whole image together! Bad times.

Clarity is created in the first place by creating a lens material that’s correctly contoured anatomically – so left to right via the ‘wrap’ and also from top to bottom via the ‘rake’. This process will automatically bring your eyes an easier time as they just don’t have to work in the same way. Party time on the slopes…

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On from clarity and you also need to really consider the huge impact that UV can have on your eyes. UVA and more commonly UVB light can both cause and propel several diseases and conditions, which affect the eye. The damage to eyes can happen slowly over time and once the damage has been done it may not be reversible. Some people are more sensitive to UV light than others. Everyone is at risk from damage from the sun throughout the year, but particularly prone are those who spend a lot of time in the snow.

Eyes can be damaged because light is a form of energy and when eyes absorb light, a heat or chemical reaction occurs in the eye. UVA and UVB light are absorbed by different parts of the eye and can damage different areas or cause different problems. UVC light isn’t generally a problem as the Ozone layer takes care of this right now, but given the reports on the state of our Ozone layer, then if you find the brands with the technology to also provide protection from this, then so much the better

Obviously you don’t always feel the problem with fashion/cheaper lenses ‘til its too late. So its not something you can easily detect when choosing your goggle. So look for statements from the Brands that address things such as Optical Clarity, Prismatic power (how light bends) and Refractive testing.

So, in short, look for the technology, don’t just hunt out the Brand name… in the long run you might save yourself pennies in the initial purchase but the long term effect on your health – not to mention all those repurchases – will have a greater impact on you…

Good eye health comes at a very small additional price. You only get one set of eyes…. look out for them