A fog free field of vision from Oakley’s NEW Line Miner & Inferno lenses

Line Miner, a new low-profile goggle for the winter 2016-17 season from Oakley, is jam packed with new technology that only Oakley could hope to bring together in one package.

First up is the lens shape. Oakley is known for its pure optical brilliance with their time perfected spherical lenses. They’ve shied away from some of the more recent developments in the global goggle market to shift to the flatter cylindrical options, as they had no desire to compromise on their lenses optical ability. Optical clarity is always at the forefront of any decision they make.

Today Oakley have discovered a way to ensure there are no compromises with this lens shape and the Line Miner is the first to adopt this new applied science. Snowboarders have united in their reception of this new development because the shape provides amazing peripheral and downward vision without loss of clarity. Big win number 1.


However, the Line Miner story doesn’t stop at this pretty significant offering.

It’s also the first model to host their trailblazing ‘Inferno’ anti-fog technology. Oakley goggles have always been strong in the fight against that hugely irritating by product of sport in the snow, but now thanks to the push of a button, a tiny heater kicks into life providing 180 seconds of mellow warmth that gently pushes fog away!

We kid you not, it’s pure brilliance – something that Q would be particularly proud to hand over to Bond….


The battery can last up to 6 hours, while the unit vibrates after any action has been completed and automatically shuts off, no fumbling required. It’s viewed by some as maybe being a little bulky, but the need is there to help prolong the life of the battery in the extreme cold it’s design to work in. A small compromise, to be honest.

Inferno is currently only available on the Prizm Line Miner, but given the reception it’s had from the snow world, we’re pretty confident this will be extended to other models in the future.